Ouma heaps praise on Ben Stanley

Signed from National Super League side Migori Youth FC, Ben Stanley has received great praise from head coach David Ouma, who is tipping him as a future prospect.

“Ben is a young lad who has shown massive potential in his game development. Since joining us, he has shown a lot of desire and made lots of improvements in his style of play in the friendly matches that we have taken part in.” He told the club’s website

“I love developing upcoming players because the future is with the young lads. Ben is a player of whom I have been a keen fan, and he has been impressive all throughout. He is a player to watch out for because I have so much confidence in him that he will make a great player in years to come.” He added

“The season is about to start, and going by his performance in the practice matches we have played, I forsee him having more minutes under his feet because he’s shown he’s ready to compete.” Concluded Ouma

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