David Ouma on Posta Rangers, league home stretch and Lawrence Juma

Coach David Ouma faced the club’s media to preview the Posta Rangers fixture. 

The tactician talked about the Rangers’ tie, the final league matches and Lawrence Juma. 

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On the latest team performance:
I am pleased by the way the team has played in the last six matches, which has led to bagging 12 points from a possible 18. At the beginning, we struggled a bit, but afterwards we have managed to win our matches and this has greatly had an impact on our overall performance. I am happy we have made progress in the standings and I believe a top five chance is a realistic opportunity.

On how important the final games are,
We are into the home stretch and we want to make good use of the four matches in order to have a strong finish. I am optimistic that if we can at least get three more wins, then we will be able to achieve our season target.

On Posta Rangers:
Saturday’s fixture offers another chance to keep scaling up the log, but we face a Posta Rangers side who have good squad depth. We are well aware of how dangerous they are, but we will simply give our best upfront and ensure we are solid at the back. 

On Lawrence Juma:
We have a full squad depth and, more importantly, I am glad to have Lawrence Juma back. He’s been instrumental for us and he will be a huge addition to the team in the final fixtures of the season. I believe the two-week suspension will see him back rejuvenated and raring to go.

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